Explore Cardamom, our spice of the month, and see how it can elevate your culinary creations.


Black cardamom is aromatic and fragrant, citrusy, sweet flavored


Green cardamom pods are small, spindle-shaped, and have a green color, while black cardamom pods are larger and dark brown. The ground cardamom is a fine powder with a pale green or brown hue.

Health Benefits

Cardamom is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It aids digestion, supports respiratory health, and can help regulate blood sugar levels.


This spice is normally used in curries, pilafs, stews, pickles, cakes, cookies and pies, stews and loaves, meat and vegetable pies, rice pudding as well as in tea. It’s an important component of regional dishes like Chicken Curry, Masala Chai, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Spice of the Month: Cardamom

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Spice of the Month: Cardamom

Scientific Name

Elettaria cardamomum

Spice Details

  • Aromatic and fragrant, citrusy and sweet
  • Pairs well with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, and coriander
  • Used in curries, pilafs, stews, pickles, cakes, cookies and pies and more.
  • Native to the Mediterranean and Russia, dill weed is commonly used in many European countries as well as in the USA.

Origin Country

Cardamom originates from India and is widely cultivated in Guatemala. It is popular for its distinctive flavor and health benefits.

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