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Harris Spice is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. Our efforts are focused in four main areas: eliminating waste, reducing energy usage, reducing packaging, and increased use of renewable energy sources.

The roof of Harris Spice's Anaheim facility, covered with solar panels Renewable Energy: Our Anaheim, California facility runs on solar power.
The Sustainable Pepper Farming Project
See how Harris Spice aims to implement Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), Good Agricultural Practices of Vietnam (VietGAP), and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure the social, economic and environmental sustainability of pepper cultivation.
Sustainable Pepper Farming in Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Vietnam
The Sustainable Pepper Farming Initiative in Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu harvest time and dealing with the pandemic
A closeup of a row of spice crops

Sustainable Farming

We provide farmers with programs on productive farming techniques that support biodiversity and safe environment farming practices. This is achieved through methods that improve the quality and consistency of crops, while achieving higher yield and increased return on investments.  Our non-profit organization, the Harris Freeman Foundation, is dedicated to supporting origin farming and educating agricultural communities from where we source our teas and herbs.  Learn more about the Harris Freeman Foundation.

workers tending a crop of chilies

Backward Integration

Simple techniques such as hygienic and clean practices, limiting the use of pesticides, and improving water retention are just some of our initiatives to sustainable farming. Through our Backward Integration Farming Program (BIFP), we work directly with farmers to develop and implement scientific and sanitary agricultural practices, processing methods, and storage techniques.

Our field representatives work with farmers to encourage the application of organic soil inputs to increase soil fertility and improve water retention. We educate farmers about hygienic drying and grading of harvested products. We have also set up approved collection centers to ensure that we are able to screen and select raw materials that match international customer specifications. The result is increased value of crop yields while ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.