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Our R&D team will collaborate with you to replicate and develop custom seasonings, working with you to develop the exact flavor profile and blend formulation to meet your needs, whether it’s for foodservice, retail, or food manufacturing.

Harris Spice's onsite culinary center is designed to test innovations. Our professional grade kitchen is equipped with cooking equipment that allows us to replicate foodservice and consumer preparations. Our corporate chef works alongside our food scientist to develop culinary applications and menu solutions.

Development Expertise

Organic and Clean Label Seasoning Formulations
Competitive Flavor Matching
Reverse Engineering
Salt and Sugar Reduction
Free from: Gluten/Dairy
Allergen Free
No synthetic Colors
No Artificial Ingredients
Functional Add-Ins
Custom Seasonings R&D
Custom Spice and Seasoning Manufacturing
Harris Spice Research & Development
Get a glimpse into our R&D and Q&A team as they evaluate flavor, aroma, and consistency for our innovative seasonings.

Spice and Seasoning Product Applications

Dry Seasonings
We carry over 400 SKU's of spices and blends and can support a range of volumes
Dry Rubs & Marinades
Dry rubs and marinades are simple ways to add serious flavor to food.
Hot Sauce Mixes
Different styles, ingredients and levels of heat.
Dressing Mixes
Formulating mixes for vinaigrettes, creamy dressings, cooked dressings
Mayo or Aioli Mixes
Making delicious mixes for creamy emulsions, for use as dips, spreads and sauces
“Add water” Mixes
A variety of applications, just add water
Baking Applications
Delicious mixes for baking
Meat Alternative Seasonings
A wide range of spices is used in meat alternative products.