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We offer over 500 spices, blends, herbs, salts, soups, and dry mixes for your kitchen. What differentiates us from the rest?

We provide high quality, consistent spices to national restaurant chains and operators across the United States
Fresh ingredients from spice growing regions around the world
We invite you to leverage menu insights on custom blends for any application from our R&D Test Kitchen
Flexible minimum orders, small batches available on request
We offer spices in food service containers (quart size to 5 lb jugs) and bulk sizes including 50 lb pails and 300lb drums
Our manufacturing facilities are BRC certified to provide the highest food safety standards.
Shot from above of many spices on a wood table — ground spices in wooden spoons and whole spice ingredients. Turmeric, mustard, garlic powder, whole cinnamon, ginger, anise, nutmeg, and more.
Fresh Spices From the Source
Our presence in spice growing regions allows us to source the freshest, high quality spice ingredients.
A food scientist in the lab examines spice samples with a table-mounted magnifier
Culinary Insights
Our R&D team have access to industry leading menu insights and market trends to develop custom blends for your foodservice application.
Many plastic bottles on a packaging line ready for filling
Packaging Options
We can offer custom restaurant and food service packaging solutions in multiple formats.
Pep and Zip® Spices & Seasonings
We can provide kosher certified, USDA organic certified, and Rainforest Alliance certified spices
circular containers holding an array of many spices seen from overhead

Pep & Zip® Spices and Seasonings

Are you looking for flexible quantities of ready to go spices — check out our newest line of Pep and Zip spices.

We care about superior quality — and the delicious flavor and amazing aroma that come with it. That’s why we created an entire line of spices & seasonings focusing on just that.

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14 products
  • Chipotle Chili
    Chipotle Chili

    Ground, Pep & Zip, 1 lb 2 oz

  • Cinnamon

    Pep & Zip, 1 lb

  • Cumin

    Ground, Pep & Zip, 1 lb

  • Curry Powder
    Curry Powder

    Pep & Zip, 1 lb 2 oz

  • Garlic

    Granulated, Pep & Zip, 1 lb 8 oz

  • Garlic Salt
    Garlic Salt

    Pep & Zip, 1 lb 14 oz

  • Lemon Pepper
    Lemon Pepper

    Pep & Zip, 1 lb 10 oz

  • Onion

    Granulated, Pep & Zip, 1 lb 4 oz

  • Oregano

    Leaves, Pep & Zip, 3.5 oz

  • Paprika

    Pep & Zip, 1 lb

  • Parsley

    Flakes, Pep & Zip, 3.0 oz

  • Pepper, Black
    Pepper, Black

    Ground, Pep & Zip, 1 lb 2 oz

  • Pepper, Red
    Pepper, Red

    Crushed, Pep & Zip, 12.0 oz

  • Za'atar

    Seasoning, Pep & Zip, 1 lb 7 oz

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