Sustainable Spice Sourcing

At Harris Spice, our mission is to source and distribute the finest spices and herbs, in a safe, secure, and sustainable manner. As part of this mission, we have a number of strategic initiatives to encourage sustainable sourcing practices.

4 Steps We Take To Ensure Sustainable Sourcing

Farm Visits

Sustainability is a core pillar of our sourcing strategy. Apart from document and facility audits, we visit suppliers’ farming programs to evaluate their sustainability practices. This approach ensures that our sourcing benefits both the planet and the people involved in spice cultivation.

Suppliers' Documents Audit

We begin by auditing supplier’s documents to check if they have relevant food safety and product safety documents in place. This initial step is crucial for ensuring compliance with our high standards.

Facilities Audit

Following document verification, our audit team conducts physical audits at the facilities of preliminary suppliers. This involves a thorough assessment of various aspects such as safety, sanitation, personnel, manufacturing, storage, pest control, quality, and policies. Suppliers passing this rigorous audit earn the opportunity to collaborate with Harris Spice.

Supplier Code of Conduct and Requirements

Our vendors are required to meet our strict quality standards. We test their samples before shipment and upon arrival to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and our high standards.

At Harris Spice, our mission is to source and distribute the finest spices and herbs

Vendor Requirements

Our vendors are required to meet our strict specifications that outline the needed quality. We test their samples before shipment and upon arrival to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and our high standards.

Infographic showing the flow from harvesting to packaging
Sustainable Sourcing

Current Initiatives

Vietnam's Commitment to Rainforest Alliance Certification

Harris Freeman Vietnam is a crucial part of our sustainable value chain, already certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This certification spans from farmer through to factory, thus guaranteeing our products meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. Rainforest Alliance Certification training planning starts in January 2024, deepening our commitment towards the sustainable practices.

Black Pepper Sustainability Project Vietnam

The Black Pepper Sustainability Project in Vietnam, initiated by the Harris Freeman Foundation and later integrated into Harris Freeman Asia, was a transformative effort. It provided 1000 smallholder pepper farmers with comprehensive training and resources to adopt sustainable farming practices. This included the implementation of global standards like the Sustainable Agriculture Network, enhancing both the quality of pepper production and the welfare of the farmers.

2024 and Beyond

As we look to the future, we're excited to launch two new projects in 2024.

Conservation and Livelihoods in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Focusing on white pepper farmers, this project incorporates primate habitat conservation. It demonstrates our approach to sustainability, intertwining environmental conservation with improving farmers' lives.

Empowering Cassia/Cinnamon Farmers in Northern Vietnam

Set to begin in 2024, this three-year project aims to improve the livelihoods of 150 cassia farmers through sustainable farming practices with prospects of organic production. We aim to sustainably produce cassia that simultaneously benefits the planet and local communities.

Harris Spice and the Sustainable Spices Initiative

Beyond our projects, Harris Spice proudly collaborates with the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI). As a member, we're part of a global movement aiming for 25% sustainable sourcing in top product categories by 2025 and 50% by 2030. This collaboration underscores our belief that sustainability is essential for the long-term success and responsibility of businesses in today's interconnected world.

Integrating Sustainability Across Our Supply Chain

With the sustainable sourcing practices that we have adopted, including working with smallholder farmers, we hope to serve as trendsetters in our industry. Our purchasing teams are always on the lookout for new ideas to promote sustainability measures throughout their rigorous supplier audits.

Global Impact

At the core of our sustainability actions lies respect for communities in which we work. We’re not only making our spices better, but also partnering with local farmers and investing in their training and certification. By building communities and protecting local environments we are promoting a sustainable future for everyone.

As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, we will continue on the path to make way for more sustainable spice sourcing. Our current projects, dedication to the SSI, and commitment to new approaches make us leaders in this industry-wide practice towards sustainability. With every spice we source and every farmer we partner with, we're creating a more sustainable, equitable, and flavorful world.

Join us on this journey as we source with care for the earth and its inhabitants.

For more information about our sustainability initiatives, please look through our website and follow our LinkedIn for more insights.