Harris Freeman Foundation: Empowering Communities, Spreading Knowledge and Promoting Sustainability

Image of The Hope Foundation in Kolkata, India

As we embrace the holiday season, we want to shine a light on the work of the Harris Freeman Foundation. With the support of our parent company Harris Freeman, the foundation strives to make a difference in communities where we source our spices, and particularly in countries that are closely linked to Harris Spice’s global presence in India, Vietnam, and Turkey.

A Different Approach to Giving

The Harris Freeman Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers financial or charitable support to assist communities, victims of natural disasters, and other supportive charity organizations. The foundation operates independently but is fully financed by Harris Freeman and its board includes executives from Harris Spice.

The Foundation's Mission

The primary mission of the foundation is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This is achieved by focusing on areas like healthcare, safety, education, and sustainability. Every donation and every project are assessed to ensure they align with these core areas, thereby ensuring that every dollar spent is a step towards a better future.

In 2023, the Foundation's investment in various beneficial causes totaled $190,000.

The Harris Freeman Foundation focuses on healthcare, safety, education, and sustainability.

Presence and Impact

The Harris Freeman Foundation goes beyond assistance by engaging with and understanding the needs of local communities. Many ideas are sourced from Harris Spice's network, including employees, customers, and partners who often visit project areas to gain understanding of the local needs. Before committing to any project, the Foundation conducts thorough background checks and consults with advisers. Local organizations are also involved to ensure that the assistance provided is both necessary and effective.

Infographic showing the flow from harvesting to packaging
Recent Harris Freeman Foundation Projects

2023 Highlights

    • Sustainable Farming in Lampung: The Harris Freeman Foundation supports pepper farmers in Lampung with intensive training, education and technical support, enhancing sustainable farming practices and crop quality. Over 500 farmers were trained in Global GAP and Organic farming techniques.

    • The Hope Foundation: The Harris Freeman Foundation supports The Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the lives of street children and vulnerable families in Kolkata, India. Their contributions help provide essential education and healthcare to these communities.

    • Marine Conservation Society: The Harris Freeman Foundation supports efforts to conserve marine life and habitats. This includes funding and participating in activities like beach clean-ups and advocating for sustainable fishing practices, contributing to the health of marine ecosystems.

    • Da Nang Association of Victims of Agent Orange: The Foundation aids the Da Nang Association in Vietnam by providing medical supplies and healthcare products to those affected by Agent Orange, assisting in their treatment and rehabilitation efforts.

    • Assistance to Sri Lanka: During the 2022–2023 economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the Harris Freeman Foundation responded by supplying food and medical aid to families and healthcare facilities in need. Two distributions were carried out, one in July 2022 and another in March 2023, benefiting 350 families and also local hospitals.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

As we move into 2024, we plan to continue our current projects and explore new ones such as improving pepper farmers' livelihoods in Indonesia and primate habitat conservation.

Continued Partnerships

Many charities rely on continued support and we're proud to announce that we will be maintaining our support for: Ronald McDonald House Charities (16 years of partnership), the Marine Conservation Society, and Action Village India.

As we celebrate this season, our efforts reflect the true joy of giving back in meaningful ways. The Harris Freeman Foundation is committed to charitable giving that truly impacts lives.

The Marine Conservation Society