Bottle 4 oz Round

Bottle 4 oz Round

Product Details

This 4 oz plastic spice bottle features a 43-485 neck finish. Its PET construction is both lightweight and impact resistant for a long shelf life. Classic round style with larger upper and lower lips to protect label/showcase product.
Neck Finish: 43-485
Dimensions: H 100 mm x Diameter 46 mm
Capacity: Standard 115 ml, Overflow 130 ml
Neck: T 43 mm, E 36.2 mm, I 33 mm, S 3.6 mm, H 16 mm
Fitment: Yes

Explanation of Neck Finish

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) and the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) created a set of guidelines to establish standards for threading on containers.

    Neck Finishes

  • 400: 1 thread turn
  • 405: 1 thread turn but usually in glass
  • 410: 1.5 thread turns
  • 415: 2 narrow thread turns
  • 425: two thread turns but is most commonly found on smaller-capacity containers such as vials.
  • 430: 1 or 2 deeper than the uniform standard thread turns. This unique neck shape is known as a buttress and is designed to help the user pour product with better accuracy.
  • 485: neck finish are commonly found on glass Paragon jar. It takes 400 closures but it’s ideally suited for spice caps.

    Neck Dimensions

  • T Outside diameter of the thread.
  • E Outside diameter of the neck. The difference between the "E" and "T" dimensions divided by two determines the thread depth.
  • I Inner diameter of bottle neck. Specifications require a minimum "I" to allow sufficient clearance for filling tubes.
  • S The top of the neck to the top edge of the first thread.
  • H The height of the neck finish.